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The VTOL Fixed-Wing Mapping Drone for Professionals - Quantum-Systems' VTOL fixed-wing UAVs combine the easy, convenient take-off, handling and landing of a multi-rotor drone with the efficient aerodynamics and long-range capabilities of an airplane all into one system – making them uniquely flexible, powerful and productive. 

Starting with the first version of the Trinity in 2017, Quantum-Systems has provided the basis for a highly efficient and, at the same time, affordable VTOL UAV without compromising on features or productivity. The Quantum Trinity F90+ drone leverages this platform and improves many aspects to offer professional users even more functionality at an unbeatable price.

Key features of the Quantum Trinity F90+ VTOL:

  • German-engineered integrated design for optimal form, functionality and reliability

  • Longest flight time in its class, up to 90 minutes … or more

  • Small footprint, ships ready to fly in a molded transport case

  • Easy and safe handling

  • Wide range of high-precision sensors

  • PPK including Quantum-System iBase ground reference station powered by u-blox

  • Powerful motors for even more reserves in all situations

  • Live Air Traffic (ADS-B) including QBase 3D Mission Planning

  • 2.4 GHz telemetry with up to 7 km command and control range

  • Optional ADS-B Mode-S transponder

Whether deployed in the agricultural, mining, construction, land management, transportation or industrial inspection sectors, you will capture and record more data in shorter time with the Trinity F90+ than was previously possible with conventional ground or aerial systems.

Quantum Trinity

Quantum Trinity

Watch Now

Click on the video menu above to access the informative videos we’ve prepared to introduce you to the Quantum-Systems Trinity F90+ VTOL drone. In this series of brief videos, you can gain more insight and information about the value of the Trinity F90+, including:

  1. Overview and purpose of this UAS technology;

  2. Core features and benefits provided;

  3. Key applications and uses; and

  4. Demonstration of its operation and functionality.


We invite you to view these videos and begin to experience the professional power, reliability and productivity of Quantum-Systems and the Trinity F90+ VTOL.