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Spectra Geospatial Origin field software is the new, modern software professional surveyors need to handle a full range of projects quickly and efficiently. Intuitive and reliable, Origin offers an extensive range of features, including one-tap easy-to-use feature coding, powerful COGO computing, map layer manager, and map-centric workflows for measuring and stakeout. Spectra Geospatial Origin supports the Windows and Android operating systems. Connect Origin to GNSS receivers or robotic or mechanical instruments, or maximize the advantages of both GNSS and conventional in an integrated survey. Rely on it to meet your needs today and future-proof your business with the leading-edge design and technology you'll want tomorrow.

Key features of Spectra Origin:

  • Easy to use, modern field survey software

  • Supports Spectra Geospatial Android and Windows devices

  • Full support for a wide range of instruments including mechanical and robotic instruments, as well as GNSS receivers

  • Fully featured stakeout including points, lines, arcs, and polylines

  • Advanced measurement tools like Measure codes for simple and fast topographic feature and attribute collection

  • Cloud connectivity for data transfer and communication between the field and the office

  • Integrated Surveying technology to enable optical and GNSS workflows in the same job, even supporting simultaneous connections to the total station and GNSS receiver

  • Modern map displays with support for DXF, LandXML, WMS, JPG, and many more map files

  • Intuitive COGO directly in the map utilizing data in the job or related map files

Use Origin for measurements, feature coding, 
COGO, road layout, and map centric staking of 
points, lines, and polylines, and much more.

Full feature software for every survey and GIS need, including data collection, calculation, mapping, storage, data management, and much more in one modern software package. Origin works on both Android and Windows operating systems and supports integrated surveys, so you can use GNSS and instrument data in the same job file. Origin is specifically designed to bring the latest technology to Spectra customers and increase your productivity.

Create and save conventional, GNSS, and integrated survey,  survey styles to quickly connect to your hardware in an instant. Define and store parameters for the rover and the base station, site calibration, stakeout, observed control, and many more options, making the setup quick and easy.

Origin Field Software

Origin Field Software

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