Highly portable mobile mapping system to capture precisely positioned street-level imagery - The Trimble® MX7 is a vehicle-mounted imaging system enabling fast and productive capture of road, infrastructure and city environmental data.

​Key features of the Trimble MX7:

  • Highly portable mobile mapping system able to deploy on all sizes of vehicles

  • Simple installation and browser-based operation from a smart device

  • Precision positioning using state-of-the-art Trimble GNSS and Inertial technology

  • A system dedicated to 360-degree image documentation

  • Extract topological GIS data and share deliverables using Trimble’s software products

  • Rugged, reliable and lightweight design with low power consumption

The Trimble MX7 enables asset managers to build a complete inventory for municipal road networks, bridges, buildings, highways, and airport infrastructure. It is the ideal solution for organizations looking to generate deliverables such as:

  • Geo-located immersive panoramic images

  • GIS data capture, extraction and maintenance

  • City maps & models

  • Change analyses over time

  • Road asset inventories

  • Visual pavement condition assessment