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The Trimble R780 GNSS receiver is a highly accurate GNSS system built to handle the toughest survey environments. Powered by industry-leading Trimble positioning technologies, the

ultra-rugged R780 elevates productivity in one adaptable, scalable system. Enjoy the freedom of choosing the configuration and features tailored precisely to meet the needs of your job, and the flexibility to add more functionality as requirements change.

​Key features of the Trimble R8s:

  • Configurable receiver, scalable for future requirements

  • Available in base & rover, rover only, or base only configurations

  • Trimble Inertial Platform technology for magnetically immune IMU-based tilt compensation

  • Trimble ProPoint GNSS positioning engine for improved accuracy and productivity in challenging GNSS conditions

  • Trimble Maxwell 7 GNSS ASIC

  • 9 GB internal memory

  • Trimble xFill correction outage technology

  • Supports Trimble CenterPoint RTX corrections for RTK level accuracy worldwide via satellite/IP

  • Military-grade ultra-rugged design, IP68 rating

  • Optimized for Trimble Access field software

Ultimate Performance

  • Trimble Maxwell™ 7 GNSS ASIC: Track the latest signals from all GNSS constellations with EVEREST™ Plus multipath mitigation, interference detections, and protection against GNSS spoofing.

  • Trimble ProPoint™ technology: Constellation-agnostic, robust positioning engine enables greater accuracy, reliability, and productivity in challenging GNSS environments.

  • Trimble TIP™ technology: Survey faster with magnetically immune Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) based tilt compensation that helps you quickly, accurately, and safely stake out or measure points without levelling the pole.

  • Trimble CenterPoint RTX: Receive GNSS corrections wherever you are via satellite/IP with unrivaled speed and accuracy for a PPP solution.

  • Trimble xFill technology: Reduce downtime in the field with continuous RTK coverage during correction outages from an RTK base station or VRS network.

Introducing the Trimble R780 GNSS Receiver

Introducing the Trimble R780 GNSS Receiver

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