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A high-performance system built for the most demanding jobs - Whether your project involves monitoring, tunneling, or another highly specialized application, the Trimble S9 total station is the solution. It combines all of our top field technologies with our highest level of accuracy and our most advanced engineering features. The result is a high-performance system built for the most demanding jobs.

​Key features of the Trimble S9 Robotic Total Station:

  • Available 0.5” or 1” angle accuracy

  • Trimble DR Plus or DR HP EDM for optimal speed, accuracy and reliability

  • Comes in custom configurations to meet the project demands whether that's long-range Finelock, VISION and Surescan, or Tracklight.  

  • Complete field-to-office solution for quick data capture and processing

  • Trimble 4D Control software for monitoring management

  • Optional Locate2Protect service available

The Trimble S9 is built for superior performance, capable of tackling your most demanding specialized applications such as monitoring and tunneling, or anywhere else where you need a solution with optimal speed, accuracy and reliability.