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The Trimble T10x rugged tablet is designed to allow users to push the limits of productivity. Tackle large datasets and process-intensive projects with confidence. Features include a high-performance, energy-efficient Intel 10th Generation Core™ i7 series processor, 1 TB of storage, and a hot-swappable 8000 mAh battery. These features are combined with a high brightness 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen for indoor and outdoor use and are contained within a slim, lightweight, and durable form factor. This tablet is engineered to perform on the longest days, on the largest jobs, and pairs perfectly with Trimble X12 or Trimble X7 laser scanners to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

Key features of the Trimble T10x Tablet:

  • Large 10.1 inch screen ensures easy viewing of data

  • High brightness in a capacitive touch screen offers enhanced map interaction, providing accurate, detailed information to help you make informed decisions out on site

  • Built tough with IP-65, military-grade (MIL-STD-810H) ruggedness certification to handle extreme elements, drops and shocks

  • Hot-swappable long life Li-Ion batteries to help keep you working as long as you need to

  • Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Energy efficient Intel i7 processor

  • 1 TB storage

  • 32 GB Ram


  • The perfect solution for survey professionals carrying out survey or hybrid survey-imaging workflows that require interaction with maps, images or point cloud data. 

  • Optimized to run Trimble Perspective software to work with the high-speed Trimble X7 3D laser scanner. 

  • Used in the field together with the Trimble X7 scanner, Trimble Perspective software on the T10x tablet delivers a system specifically designed for full in-field control and registration, meaning scans can be fully registered, automatically in the field.


  • A high performance Intel 10th Generation Core™ i7 processor handles complex, data-hungry applications with ease, eliminating the need to carry a separate laptop computer in addition to a survey controller or data collector.

  • Rapidly and efficiently processes large data sets such as maps, satellite imagery, image, point clouds, as well as geospatial field data for detailed analysis and visualization out in the field.

  • Achieves faster results, allowing for QA/QC on the job to avoid missed data or additional trips.

  • Supports the latest Microsoft Windows 10 operating system running commercially available field and office applications.

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