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Delivers Powerful Performance with Simple Operation - The Trimble® X7 is a high-speed 3D laser scanning system with advanced technologies to simplify adoption, increase efficiency and provide confidence in the field powered by Trimble Perspective.

Key features of the Trimble X7 Scanner:

  • Automatic Calibration - Complete confidence in every scan with the industry's first smart calibration system. No targets or user interaction required

  • Self-leveling - Automatic survey grade level compensation

  • Trimble Registration Assist - Increase your field productivity with the industry's most comprehensive automatic registration

  • Laser Pointer - Provide visual confirmation of individual points to be measured by Trimble Perspective

  • Georeferencing - Link registered scans to a project coordinate system in Trimble Perspective

For surveyors and geospatial professionals, the Trimble X7 provides fast and balanced performance in both indoor and outdoor environments, and is ideal for:

  • Civil infrastructure

  • Industrial survey/tank calibration

  • General surveys

  • Road intersection surveys

  • Forensics

  • Utilities

  • Mining

  • Historical documentation and renovation